Driving Pharmacy Business Growth with Patient-focused services

Driving Pharmacy Business Growth with Patient-focused Services

A pharmacist’s relationship with their customers plays a defining role in if their pharmacy is seen as a valuable resource.

Pharmacies want their patients to feel comfortable and have pharmacy services readily accessed by the community they serve. It is important for pharmacy directors to build confidence in the communities they serve if they want to foster a connection to drive their business goals.

In this business environment, trust doesn’t always come easy, it comes from a sustained period of delivering value with integrity.

In this post, we share three reasons why pharmacists need to build a strong relationship with their customers, and how they might begin constructing that foundation of trust.

1. Customers recognize quality service

    Step back and take a moment to assess your customer service.  Are you taking the time to listen to your customers?  Are your staff showing empathy and genuine concern for the well-being of the customers? Beyond making a sale, are you treating customers with courtesy and professionalism?

    The above are all huge determinants in a customer’s reason to keep coming to a  pharmacy.

    Here are some tips you can use to deepen your pharmacy’s customer service focus.

    • Addressing your customer by name.
    • Listening closely to what they have to say and the questions they ask.
    • Educating and training your staff.
    • Taking time to educate patients and practicing the “teach-back method” to ensure they understand everything they need for great treatment outcomes

    2. Customers Want to be More Than a Sale

    Having a competitive price is important, but customers are most willing to pay a little extra if they feel they’re going to be treated as a person and not another “sale”.

    Your ability to effectively deliver valuable customer service will demonstrate to your customers that you truly care about their well-being.

    When you go the extra mile to follow up on care you stand out and endear yourself to these patients. Following up empowers and reminds patients to play a more intentional role in their care. 

    When a pharmacist and their team acknowledge that the customer is also a part of the “care team”, stronger relationships are built and a mutually beneficial relationship is built.

    3. Provide more value-added services that foster Better health outcomes for customers.

    Pharmacists are best known to dispense medications but pharmacists that design other patient-centered programs and solutions are able to connect better with patients. 

    Initiatives like general health counseling, medication therapy management (MTM), disease-state management, vaccinations, weight management, etc are becoming a big part of pharmacy services.  They provide an avenue for pharmacies to expand the suite of services they offer and also grow the business.

    When pharmacies go out of their way to show a patient they matter, they’re increasing the likelihood that such patients will also be willing to recommend their services to friends and relatives.

    At a time when the nation’s health system is struggling to manage the increasing disease burden, Pharmacies have an opportunity to serve the community and provide services that help keep our communities healthy.

    For further reading, you can download our staff training guide today and start building stronger relationships with your patients.

    Learn how to deliver exceptional customer service, foster trust, and provide valuable services that drive business growth. Click here to access the guide: Download Guide





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