How to Take Blood Pressure Readings at Home – Wrist Monitor

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Monitoring blood pressure levels at home is important for maintaining a healthy heart, especially when managing hypertension. The best way to constantly monitor your blood pressure is by owning a blood pressure monitor at home. 

These monitors come in two types:

  1. Wrist blood pressure monitor 
  2. Arm blood pressure monitor 

Learning the correct ways of using both will help you take accurate readings of your blood pressure always. 

Wrist monitor:

A wrist blood pressure monitor, as the name implies, works by taking the blood pressure from the wrist.

Step 1: Get Ready

Finding a quiet moment to take your blood pressure readings can make all the difference. By doing it at home, you can choose the most comfortable time for you.

Plus, there’s no need to rush – take 3-5 minutes to relax before measuring. This is because blood pressure becomes elevated as we perform physical activities such as walking or climbing so the rest will help ensure more accurate results.

Step 2: Put the Wrist Monitor On

The wrist blood pressure monitor is incredibly user-friendly, and you’ll love how easy it is to wear. Just place the cuff on your bare wrist, a little above your wrist bone. You’re all set!

Step 3: Secure the Cuff

Fasten the cuff around your wrist, not too tight, and not too loose. A snug fit is just right – you should be able to slip one finger between the cuff and your skin comfortably.

Step 4: Take the Reading

Press the “start” button, and the wrist monitor will do the rest. No need to worry about complicated settings – the device will inflate automatically and provide you with your blood pressure and heart rate in a snap.

Step 5: Keep a Record

One of the most valuable benefits of taking your blood pressure at home is the ability to track your progress. Write down the date, time, and blood pressure reading in a notebook or on your phone. This record will become a valuable tool during your doctor visits.

An easier way to track your blood pressure readings is to sign up to Meditrina. This personal care assistant will help keep records of your readings and present them in a chart for your next doctor’s appointment. 


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