Wella Health: Wellahealth Partner Update

Hello Dear Partner,

Thank you for partnering with us to deliver excellent services to our clients. In spite of the tough business climate we are weathering the storm together and hope things pick up soon.

To enable us sustain seamless operations we have made a few changes to our operational flow.

Payment Details Update

All Pharmacies must present corporate accounts for subsequent payments. Individual accounts will no longer be used, thus pharmacies are to update their payment details with us where applicable before August 31st 2023 to continue receiving payments.

You can update your account details. If you haven’t, please do so here

Subscription Fees

Operational, transactional and web server cost needed to keep our systems running have increased drastically, particularly web server costs that are paid in US dollars monthly.

Due to this we will be introducing a small subscription fee for pharmacies who get business through our platform.

A flat monthly fee of NGN1,000 for pharmacies who get between NGN15,000 and NGN50,000 in business and NGN2,500 for those who get above NGN50,000.

This fee will be taken in a new month when a pharmacy reaches those thresholds in the previous month. This kicks off in September.

If the amount of business we send your way does not meet the threshold, you will not be billed. Fees will be charged in the new month based on our business volume from the previous month and automatically debited from your wallet (in the WellaPartner app).

This is to help us continue to improve secure, seamless and instant payments on your pharmacy wallets.

For Multiple Outlets

Pharmacies with Multiple Outlets will have different wallets for each outlet so subscription is only paid for outlets that reach certain thresholds and avoid double-billing. Our team will edit your app logins to enable you view and withdraw from any outlet you choose.

Our team is available to take questions and feedback.

Abiodun – 07048517491
John – 09065240559
Bernard – 08108728859
Adetoun – 08133025138

Email medicalops@wellahealth.com

Wellahealth Pharmacy Operations.

  1. Minipills Pharmacy and Stores Benin.

    This is good and welcome development. I like the fact the charges will be deducted at the end of the month to assess if individual performance meet the required threshold. However I hope this amount won’t be increased in the nearest Future to something higher. Similarly for pharmacies with multiple outlets will this charges be per outlet basis or regardless of the number of outlets the charges is one and not tied to individual outlets.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Uthman, there have been cases of fraud where members of staff have used personal account to divert funds. This is a control measure to ensure that only verified pharmacy business accounts are used to make collections.

  2. The business volume have decrease of recently . Introducing the new charges might discourage business owner and pls am unable to register my corporate acct details yet

    1. Hello Neoxmist pharmacy, our team will reach out to you concerning the corporate account registration.

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